Our vintages

The Chablis wines from Billaud-Simon
are Crystalline, iodized and light-bodied

A rare vintage

The wines are showing excellent alcohol-acidity
balances. They are fresh, direct and taut.

A sunny vintage that gave us remarkably well-balanced wines

The wines are showing themselves to have an excellent alcohol-acidity balance and remarkable concentration. They combine freshness and purity.

Sun-drenched grapes for a rich and well-balanced vinatge

Fresh, rich and beautifully ripe wines. They disclose good concentration yet without any loss of acidity on the palate. Excellent cellaring potential.

A long-awaited harvest

The 2018 is an exceptionally concentrated vintage. The wines are already very promising and showing the signs of having excellent ageing potential. Our wines are displaying an iodized character as well as good balance between freshness and smoothness and a particularly well evolved bouquet of floral aromas (lime blossom and acacia).

A rare vintage : a modest harvest giving concentrated wines

The wines are already displaying a rich structure, good balance and excellent concentration. They reveal a pleasant purity and are more fresh than the 2016 vintage. They are already drinking nicely but also have good potential for bottle age.

A good vintage

2016 was characterised by challenging weather conditions. This vintage produced concentrated, powerful and very smooth wines. They are intensely aromatic and well-suited to gastronomy thanks to their aromas of citrus fruits and floral, mineral notes. The 2016 vintage displays remarkable tension and cellaring potential.  

An exceptional vintage

This vintage offers excellent maturity and good richness. Despite the sunny vintage, the wines also offer a very pleasant acidity on the palate. They are currently revealing aromas of pear, quince, apricot and peach combined with fresh citrus notes.

A remarkable vintage

The climatic conditions of this vintage were very varied. The Indian Summer enabled us to produce rich and very promising wines with good concentration and acidity. They are precise, crystalline and pure with a beautiful minerality and excellent ageing potential.

An unusual vintage

Difficult weather conditions led to early flowering of the vine, however this did not affect the quality of the vintage. Mineral and floral notes combine on the nose. Excellent maturity thanks to good acidity levels. The result is fresh, well-honed, intense and energetic wines. This vintage should be enjoyed in its youth.

A vintage with excellent ageing potential

The weather conditions were favorable to the vintage: intense cold in February, cool in Spring and bright sunshine in August. 2012 offers highly concentrated and well-balanced wines dominated by aromas of ripe fruits.

Mixed climatic conditions

This vintage’s extremely mixed weather conditions shall remain ingrained in the memories of the winemakers in Chablis. 2011 is the 3rd earliest vintage after 2003 and 2007. These wines offer notes of citrus (lemon and orange) and a herbal touch.

The winemaker’s expertise is rewarded

The 2010 Winter in Burgundy was harshly cold with temperatures as low as -20°C. The rest of the year saw little sunshine, although enough for the grapes to ripen well.
2010 offers the advantages of two very different vintages: the freshness of 2008 combined with the deep, ripe fruits of 2009. The wines offer a beautiful reflection of this concentrated vintage.

Excellent maturity resulting in rich, round wines

Excellent maturity thanks to high acidity levels lends these wines their well-balanced, rich and round structure and fresh, mineral finish.


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